Salmo’s Zipper is a typical vertical jerkbait.  It’s easy to cast and it’s noisy, thanks to precisely designed system of rattles. The special placing of the rear treble, makes sure it tangles less often during the casts than the competition’s similar models. An excellent offer both for ice fishing as well as for vertical fishing from the boat and traditional casting. Now in two sizes, 4 and 7 cms. The new baby brother Zipper 4 introduced in 2012.

The Salmo Zipper is a great choice in any fishery with just about any technique you try. Remember with any retrieve pattern to keep the line tight on pauses or drops and to make the best use of the built-in loud rattles, fast and aggressive retrieves are often the best way to use the Zipper. In lakes and reservoirs it can be very effective to allow the Zipper to hit bottom and kick up little clouds of silt, this can lure predators for quite a distance. In rivers retrieve the Zipper across the current, allowing brief pauses from time to time. The Zipper can work wonders when trolled and as with many trolled lures it works best when worked rhythmically and gently with the rod as you go.

Is a younger brother of Zipper 7. Heavier weights of its body, compared to larger Zipper allowed it to gain new characteristic. Despite it small size, it can be cast effortlessly for a long distances and fish depths. It also proves itself when fishing vertical, both from the boat as from the ice. Its attractiveness is even raised by a wide variety of colours based on luminescent and holographic dyes.

SZ 4 SINKING 4,5 9,5 TWO-NO.10 0,18
SZ 7 SINKING 7,5 15 TWO-NO. 5 0,23

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