Giant Chubby

The Giant Chubby is a unique lure; there is no point of searching for anything similar, because you won’t find one! Designed for a vertical use, mainly when ice fishing, it has since proved to be a very effective lure in many other fishing situations. Works well either casting or active trolling, it is irreplaceable for deep and difficult fisheries. Offered in one size – 14 cm.

The Giant Chubby is an extremely versatile lure, vibrating strongly both as it rises and as it falls. Regardless of the technique the most effective way to use this lure is to make quite aggressive pulls that increase the vibration from the lure, easily felt through the rod. Whether jigging or casting the jerks should be fluent but fast and should be about 1m long. It is important to keep the line tight at all times both to detect takes as the lure falls and to prevent occasional tangles when loose line can wrap around the belly treble. When trolling keep the boat moving fast and enhance the lure’s action by rhythmic jerking, these jerks should again be strong and positive. This lure can work very well when all others have failed.

GC 14 SINKING 14 92 TWO-NO. 4/0 0,40/0,25

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