Maas Marauder

Introduced to Salmo’s range in 2005, the Maas Marauder was created in cooperation with an American musky angling legend – Alan Maas. Its specific walk the dog action makes it a great choice as a surface lure for anglers targeting very large predators on lakes, rivers and saltwater. Offered in 13 and 19cm sizes.

The Maas Marauder is a surface glider that is great to cast and easy to fish with. After each rod stroke it turns slightly, performing a deceptive zigzag dance across the water surface that is irresistible to most predators. By varying the speed and strength of the rod stroke it is easy see the lure’s action changing according to your control. Variations in speed and action combined with breaks in the retrieve are often the best triggers for predators to strike. Remember though like with all surface lures do not strike when you see the fish but wait until you feel it through the rod before setting the hooks.

MM JR FLOATING 13 36 TWO-NO. 3/0 0,30/0,20
MM FLOATING 19 80 TWO-NO.4/0 0,32/0,23

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