The Salmo Jack was the first mass produced jerkbait, along with Salmo Fatso, to be made by any of the European manufacturers. It’s a classic Salmo’s design. For the last ten years, this pullbait has been acknowledged as one of the most effective lures for a large pike. Offered in one size – 18cm and two versions – floating (F) and sinking (S)

The Jack is a great jerkbait for bank anglers: its aerodynamic properties will astound everyone! Those aerodynamics also make it very accurate which is just as useful of course when boat fishing. The floating Jack has already won approval as an indispensable member of the lure boxes of many trophy anglers. It works best in spring, in shallow (0.5 – 2m) areas but the introduction of the sinking version has opened new avenues of exploration and now the Jack can be used over deeper water. The sinking version of the Jack has to be worked differently to the floater; it should be
a calmer, more measured retrieve. Pauses between strokes should be longer if you want the lure to run deeper but it is still not a lure for great depths. However, do not be surprised when your Jack, being retrieved 2m down, is attacked by a huge green monster coming up from depths of 5m or more – old and experienced predators just cannot resist such a tempting target!
The sinking Jack can be fished successfully in water as shallow as 1m, but if you want it run deeper just allow it to sink to the required depth before beginning the retrieve then use long slow strokes of the rod. To keep it shallow do the opposite, fast and short rod strokes and if necessary keep the rod tip higher. After each stroke with your rod allow a 1-2 second pause, and be prepared – a following fish usually strikes immediately the lure moves after a pause.

J 18 F FLOATING 18 60 TWO-NO4/0 0,35/0,23 1,0/1,5
J 18 S SINKING 18 70 TWO-NO4/0 0,35/0,23 2,0/3,0

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