Though Thrill is a newcomer and in our offer since 2007, it has already become a classic of its kind. It is the first, mass-produced lure dedicated for asp fishing on the market. Its unique features and incredible effectiveness in catching this predator quickly made it one of Salmo’s best sellers. This sinking lure is available in 7 and 9 cm sizes and is designed for an extra long casts and very fast retrieve. Life like forage fish colours available make it easy to choose the right lure for your fishery and its water colour conditions.

We created this lure in 2007 especially for asp fishing. It turned out though that there are many other uses for that lure. Everywhere where predators feed on small, slim, silver fish and long casts are required, Thrill works great. No matter whether in fresh or saltwater! Despite its high weight to size ratio this lure is made to retrieve just under the surface. It is to fish the lure like this where predators prey on large schools of fish such as bleak. There are two basic techniques of fishing with Thrill. The first one is the simplest yet very effective and relies on very fast line retrieve with constant speed, while keeping rod tip up. You can even permit the lure to jump over the water from time to time, just like small prey fish do when trying to avoid deadly predator’s jaws. However, if for any reason a slower retrieve speed is nevcessary, you should combine the slower retrieve with a rod tip jerking action. This allows the lure to still stay close enough to the surface, yet it moves much more slowly. The jerking action produces bonus flashes provoking predators to strike. Similar to many other lures a mixed technique often turns out to be the best – fast line retrieve with occasional slow downs and jerks.

TH 7 SINKING 7 13 TWO-NO. 5 0,20
TH 9 SINKING 9 25 TWO-NO. 4 0,22

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