Skinner is a classic twitchbait. Acknowledged by many specialists around the world as the most effective lure of its kind available on the market, anywhere. A floating bait that is available in 10, 12, 15 and 20cm sizes. The unique, characteristic, wide and strong action of all of the Skinners makes this a unique lure.

There are very few lures that can be used as a surface lure, jerkbait or twitchbait: the Salmo Skinner is one such lure, allowing all three techniques to be used interchangeably and for casting you really should mix them for the best results. The Skinner has a good action when retrieved at the slowest speeds, but it really shows its class when it is twitched. It is very easy to twitch just retrieve at a steady speed with a short jerk now and then; longer and stronger strokes with the rod will have the Skinner skipping left and right – exactly what large predators like to see, and they often react with uncontrolled aggression. When trolling with the Skinner its effectiveness is improved if you actively jerk the lure from time to time.

SK 10 F FLOATING 10 15 TWO-NO. 4 0,20/0,12 0,5/1,5
SK 12 F FLOATING 12 19 TWO-NO. 2 0,25/0,18 0,5/1,5
SK 15 F FLOATING 15 52 TWO-NO.1/0 0,32/0,20 1,0/2,0
SK 20 F FLOATING 20 92 TWO-NO.4/0 0,40/0,25 1,0/2,0

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