Hornet 9

Created in cooperation with the best Hungarian catfish anglers and introduced to Salmo’s offer in 2011 the big Hornet 9 has already proved itself as every bit as successful as its little brothers. There aren’t many other crankbaits from our competitors that can a compare with Hornet 9 when it comes to reliability and quality. A floating lure with a deep diving, big action it has already proved itself capable of catching all sorts of large predators, both in rivers and still waters.

Hornet 9 was created in a cooperation with Hungarian anglers, mainly for catfish fishing. That’s why its size, strengthened construction and stronger split rings and trebles. Its action, similarly to other Hornets, is very strong and aggressive and well felt on the rod tip. It is perfect both for casting and trolling. While fishing the rivers it is recommended to cast the lure a bit upstream and after sinking it fast to 1,5 – 2m to start a steady retrieve with  constant speed. When fishing still waters a very effective trick is to pause the retrieve of the line from time to time. The lure is surfacing and it is worth to leave it on the water surface for a while. Predators attacks are extremely spectacular and hard to forget. Trolling, both with “free line” method and with the use of extra weights, is very efficient as the lure action can be observed, even if it is on a very long line, far from the boat. By observing the rod tip we can easily see if the Hornets trebles have caught any weed.

H9 FLOATING 9 36 TWO-NO. 1 3X STRONG 0,35/0,25 3,5/5,0

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