Frisky is still quite new in Salmo’s crankbait range. Thanks to its versatility it has gained already a wide group of fans in many countries. Recommended both for still waters and rivers and streams. Comes in two sizes – 5 and 7cm and as a shallow (SR) and deep runner (DR).

The Frisky is a floating lure with low buoyancy,  giving it a slow rise during retrieve pauses making it suitable for casting both downstream and upstream. Great results can also be achieved by fishing across the current with occasional pauses in the retrieve. We recommend this type of retrieve pattern: two or three turns with the reel, a pause, a twitch with the rod tip whilst using the reel to prevent line falling slack, then repeat. In lakes and reservoirs we fish with the Frisky the same way as with the majority of other floating lures – varying the retrieve speed with frequent pauses, and gentle twitching with the rod tip. Both Frisky versions are also excellent for trolling at various speeds. At greater depths we recommend using the SR version with additional weight.

FR 5 SR FLOATING 5 5 DWIE NR 8 0,18 1,0/1,5
FR 5 DR FLOATING 5 5,5 TWO-NO. 8 0,18 1,5/3,0
FR 7 SR FLOATING 7 8 TWO-NO. 6 0,23 1,0/1,5
FR 7 DR FLOATING 7 9 TWO-NO. 6 0,23 2,0/3,5

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