Executor is a classic, a beautiful shape and unique action. Well proved on all types of fisheries – from small streams to large lakes and reservoirs. It is offered in four sizes – 5, 7, 9, 12cm and as a shallow (SR) and super deep runner (SDR). The growing number of colours allows every fan of classic crankbaits to find the perfect fishing partner. Don’t leave home without one!

The standard method for lake fishing is to retrieve with varying speed, allowing the Executor to rise close to the surface occasionally. For trolling the best version is the shallow runner with a weight placed 0.8-1.2m in front of the lure on a paternoster link. Also trolling with flat-line is very effective. Specially in case of the bigger Executors – 9 and 12. In large rivers a well-proven method is to cast across the current or downstream and to retrieve the lure slowly. For small streams it is best to cast upstream and the Executor 5SDR is the perfect lure for this.

EX 5 SR FLOATING 5 5 TWO-NO. 8 0,20 0,6/1,2
EX 5 SDR FLOATING 5 6 TWO-NO. 8 0,20 1,2/2,5
EX 7 SR FLOATING 7 8 TWO-NO. 5 0,23 1,0/2,0
EX 7 SDR FLOATING 7 9 TWO-NO. 5 0,23 1,5/3,0
EX 9 SR FLOATING 9 14,5 TWO-NO. 4 0,25 1,5/3,0
EX 12 SR FLOATING 12 33 TWO-NO. 1/0 0,30 2,5/5,0

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