Is one of the oldest models in Salmo’s range. It is still the only imitation of a bullhead or flathead minnow on the market after all these years. A proven fish catcher for predators on many different fisheries and venues – from small, fast water streams to the big lakes. In three sizes – 4, 6 and 8 cm, as a floating (F), sinking (S) and super deep runner (SDR) versions.

In fast-flowing small streams you can fish the Bullhead both upstream and downstream, the most effective method is casting upstream then retrieving, the lure in an arc across the flow back to your feet. In water with lots of snags the SDR version is indispensable for its unique ability to bounce off and over obstacles. In larger rivers it is best to cast the Bullhead upstream then retrieve it as slowly as possible with numerous pauses mixed with gentle twitches. For slow trolling the SDR is the best choice, keeping the lure 30 meters behind the boat.

BD 4 F FLOATING 4,5 3 TWO-NO. 8 0,18 0,5/1,0
BD 4 S SINKING 4,5 5 TWO-NO. 8 0,18 1,0/2,0
BD 6 F FLOATING 6 6 TWO-NO. 6 0,20 0,5/1,5
BD 6 S SINKING 6 8 TWO-NO. 6 0,20 1,5/2,5
BD 4 SDR FLOATING 4,5 3,5 TWO-NO.8 0,18 1,5/3,0
BD 6 SDR FLOATING 6 7 TWO-NO. 6 0,20 2,5/5,0
BD 8 SDR FLOATING 8 17 TWO-NO. 4 0,25 3,5/8,0

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