Boxer is a typical crankbait, with a very strong action, easily felt through the rod. Available in two sizes – 4 and 7 cm, and two versions – shallow (SR) and super deep runner (SDR). Boxers are a floating bait that has a built in rattle making them deadly in coloured water.

The Boxers are floating lures, so you can quickly pull the lure under the surface with a few fast turns of the reel then pause and allow the Boxer to rise a little before resuming the retrive, sometimes you should let the Boxer rise to the surface and allow it to float for a moment. With the shallow version you can even fish it as a surface lure, with the rod tip held high to stop it diving you can slowly retrieve and every couple of seconds just add a gentle twitch with the rod. Both SR and SDR versions are suitable for trolling and both work well even at high speed. To attain greater depths (up to 10m) we use an additional 20 – 50g weight placed one meter in front of the lure.

BX 4 SR FLOATING 4,5 6 TWO-NO.8 0,20 0,5/1,5
BX 4 SDR FLOATING 4,5 7 TWO-NO.8 0,20 1,5/3,0
BX 7 SR FLOATING 7 26 TWO-NO.2 0,25 1,0/2,0
BX 7 SDR FLOATING 7 28 TWO-NO.2 0,25 2,5/5,0

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