Salmo Lures UK Distributor

Quality first

One of the outstanding features of all Salmo lures is the quality of the finish. This is where lure designer and artist Piotr Piskorski put his skills to work in designing a type of finish to the lures that break with traditional painting methods. Salmo quickly became known world-wide for their quality of finish and high standards of consistency in every lure they produce.

You only have to fish with SALMO lures once to become convinced of how special they are. They’re not just another cheap lure spit out of a Chinese factory. Each lure is hand crafted in Poland. The quality and performance of each and every lure that goes into a package is second to none.

Anglers from countries all over the world cannot all be wrong, Salmo lures catch fish, it’s as simple as that. There are many reasons why: unique, innovative designs, perfect size, shape and balance, superb finishes, ultra-safe hooks and hardware and individual tank testing. All of these go into every single Salmo lure.

With a Salmo, every lure is designed to be exactly the same as the next, so you never need to sort through a box of baits to find one that actually works. Guides and professional anglers have proven Salmo’s consistency in lure making time and time again.

Salmo – unique materials and finish

Nearly every crankbait bait company in the world is running to China for production of their lures and some try to keep it their costs low. These very large lure companies are not interested in quality or consistency, just low prices. The Salmo founders hate almost everything about China manufacturing and how it has changed the way fishermen around the world look at the lure business. The days of hand-crafted lures is coming to an end in favor of mass production. Salmo will always fight to be the exception to this trend. China has already tried and failed to duplicate the secret Salmo foam body receipt and their painting process. China knows there is a market for Salmo knock-offs that sell for cheap. While the lures try to resemble a Salmo lure when it is in the box, the Salmo copycats have failed miserably on the water.

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